PVC Monoblock Roller-Shutter Systems

Aesthetic solution in architecture

This is a shading and security system that consists of PVC boxes, PVC side channels and that is installed by placing the system on PVC windows and doors. You can complete the system with either polyurethane injected PVC extrusion slats.

  • Different sizes of polyurethane injected aluminum slats as 37mm, 39mm, 43mm and 55mm to ensure the desired visual effect and technical requirements of a single piece of roller-shutter.
  • PVC slats of 38mm height is also suitable for this system
  • Insulated box options of 188mm, 218mm and 248mm
  • Non-insulated square box options
  • Accessories for partitioned systems
  • Special guide channels for French housings
  • Adaptor profile for external mosquito screen systems for both blind and sliding options
  • Integrated mosquito screen application
  • Assortment of accessories to complement the system