Quality Management System

ASAŞ PVC and Roller-Shutter Quality Management Systems are the management systems where ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2009 Environment Management System, and OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Systems are managed as integrated.

Our Roller-Shutter products are manufactured with reference to:

EN 1932 Resistance to wind loads test,

TS EN 14501 standard for thermal and visual comfort performance,

TS EN 13659 for performance requirements including safety,

Strength test in ballistic laboratory for aluminum ballistic slats

Our PVC products are manufactured to comply with the following international standards:

  • Turkish Standards: TS 5358 EN 12608, TS 1310, TS 8450 EN ISO 1163-2, TS EN 14351-1+A1, TS EN 1991-1-4, TS EN 13501-1+A1, TS EN 12210, TS EN 12207, TS EN 12208, TS EN 514, TS 822, TS EN ISO 1461
  • German Standards: RAL GZ 716/1, RAL-GZ 716:2013-04, DIN 53381-1, DIN EN ISO 305
  • International Standards: ISO 62, EN 477, EN 478, EN 479, EN 513, EN 514, EN ISO 1163-2, EN ISO 178, EN ISO 306, ISO 179-2, EN ISO 8256, ISO 527-1, ISO 527-2, , EN 20105-A03, EN 20105-A02


  • Integrated Quality Management Policy of our company is to meet the requirements, demands and expectations of customers in a manner that is complying with the occupational health and safety principles, environmentally-conscious, that is committed to prevention of pollution, on time and whenever required, and to improve all processes that affect the quality of the product,
  • To maintain and improve customer satisfaction, to contribute to the continuous development of the company with its conscious and experienced staff,
  • To take measures by considering all of the risks, to become a leading company in its industry and to have the quality of ASAŞ accepted by the whole world by complying with the legal requirements in terms of technology, quality, environment, and occupational health and safety.


On-Site and On Time Quality (OSOTQ) consists of the teamwork by the members of the relevant department where customer concerns are assessed dynamically, problems are resolved quickly and root-cause analyses are performed. It is applied simultaneously on different levels, namely as line OSOTQ, department OSOTQ and plant OSOTQ.

It is an approach where the customer is assured as per the motto, “Problems may only be understood if they are analyzed where they occur and using original parts”,

Where actions are taken with the awareness for prevention of the dissatisfaction that may be caused by the problems that are not resolved quickly on the following process and on the customer,

Focusing on the satisfaction of internal and external customers,

Where communication between the processes and between the internal and external customers is ensured,

Where aspects open to improvement are recognized by paying attention to the customers.


Feedback both received from visits of authorized dealers and end users and the coordination meetings recorded in the system are monitored regularly on platforms such as OSOTQ and active corrective actions are implemented.  After-sales support department both provides dealer trainings and makes inspection visits to the dealers.